Teaching families how to feed their kids.

✓ Create foundational health

✓ Prevent picky eating

✓ Provide ancestral nutrition

Hi! I'm Christine.

Christine Muldoon M.ed, NTP​

I’m a mom of three and a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I support parents as they navigate feeding themselves and their families in this busy, confusing world.

I know each family unit is unique, and I believe the parents are the experts in their children. Here at Nourish the Littles, my work focuses on teaching parents how to support their child’s health through ancestral nutrition. I offer personalized, bio-individual support for families — all while empowering parents to trust their own instincts.

My online courses and personalized coaching sessions are built on my years of experience in education and nutrition, as well as my passion for holistic living and respectful parenting. Let me help you establish a foundation of health so you can enjoy a peaceful and thriving family!

I have a podcast!

The Modern Ancestral Mamas podcast is about two Weston A. Price Foundation friends and chapter leaders having real talk about the crazy world around them.

Tune in twice a month to hear Corey and I talk about all topics related to the “modern ancestral mama” — cooking, feeding our families, holistic living, education, and so much more.