Welcome to our conscious parenting community. I’m Christine Muldoon—wife and mother (J 5, C 3) currently living in the Windy City. Like so many of us, parenting catapulted me onto a new path.

I’m a child of an immigrant mother and American father. These two worlds collided in my home—standard American and South American/Spanish, and afforded me a unique upbringing. I enjoyed pop-tarts for breakfast with glasses of raw milk fresh from the local farm.  My parents were young, inexperienced and doing the best they could to raise their kids while managing their own past wounds.

It wasn’t until my littles came into the world that a fire was lit within me. I stumbled upon respectful parenting via Janet Lansbury and discovered Sally Fallon Morel’s Nourishing Traditions around the same time. Slowly, over time, I dove deeper into holistic nutrition and the conscious parenting world. As I learned more about each I realized that they complimented each other beautifully and had many similarities. After several years of passionately following these two interests, I decided to further pursue nutrition.

In the Summer of 2019 I completed my training with the Nutritional Therapy Association and become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Today I seek to help parents shift their mindset and see their littles as whole people who deserve to be respected and nourished deeply with nutrient dense foods. This community was born out of my passion to share with other parents the importance of nourishing our littles with real food and creating deep and meaningful relationships with our children through connection, trust, and respect.


Christine Muldoon is a Texas native who moved to New York City to join the NYC teaching fellows. She completed her Masters in Bilingual Special Education and taught for several years in East Harlem. During this time she worked on establishing a transitional bilingual program at PS 146. After five years in the classroom, Christine gave up teaching to become a full time mom and moved from NYC to Chicago.

During her years at home with her kids she began exploring and learning about respectful parenting and holistic nutrition. She found that the parenting and nutrition complemented each other and had many similarities. Several years later Christine completed the Nutritional Therapy Association’s certification course to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Using her background in education, knowledge of holistic nutrition, and passion for respectful parenting, Christine works with caregivers and empowers them to create holistic, sustainable lifestyle changes. Her work combines respectful parenting with feeding littles real, nutrient dense foods.

Early 2017, Christine created Nourish the Littles, a platform which encompasses a community of parents and caregivers all working towards one common goal: nourishing littles with real food and real connection. With a growing following and global reach, her focus is on shifting mindsets and inspiring parents to become more intentional in their parenting and the way they feed their littles. Christine shares relatable, personal experiences, insight, and knowledge while opening up and connecting with her worldwide community of caregivers.

Currently Christine has widened her scope to add parenting coach to her services. With her experience as an educator, raising her own children, and knowledge of the conscious parenting approach, she can be a valuable resource to educate and inspire caregivers to make lasting changes in their familial relationships.

Christine lives in Chicago with her husband, two little people, and fur baby. Her children, the future generation, are her why.

Christine sees clients for nutritional consultations or parenting questions in the Chicago area as well as virtually.