Welcome! I’m Christine, a native Texan, wife, mother to three littles (aged 8, 6, and 2), and a woman passionate about conscious living. Like so many of us, parenting catapulted me onto a new path and I began to dive into the worlds of ancestral nutrition and respectful parenting. My days are spent cooking nutrient dense meals and holding space for all the emotions, all while juggling motherhood and my budding Nutrition career. I wish there were more hours in the day to be able to read every book on nutrition and parenting because I can never seem to get enough! In the moments of free time intentionally carved throughout the day (or week), my passions include: more cooking, reading, being outdoors in the sunshine (I love the Texas heat), nature preserves, and becoming reacquainted with Dallas and all it has to offer.

– Christine

Professional Background

Christine Muldoon is a former Bilingual Special Education teacher who worked in the New York City public school system and Chicago private schools.

Several years later, Christine completed the Nutritional Therapy Association’s certification program to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Using her background as an educator, knowledge in holistic nutrition, and passion for respectful parenting, Christine works with caregivers and empowers them to nourish their children with real food and real connection.

In 2017, Christine created Nourish the Littles, a platform that encompasses a community of parents and caregivers all working towards one common goal: nourishing littles with real food and real connection. With a growing following and global reach, her focus is on shifting mindsets and inspiring parents to become more intentional in their parenting and the way they feed their littles. Christine shares relatable, personal experiences and nutrition knowledge while opening up and connecting with her worldwide community of caregivers. Her insights into parenting and nutrition are a valuable resource to support, educate, and inspire caregivers in making lasting changes within their familial relationships.

She recently returned to her home state of Texas and currently sees clients virtually and in person for Nutritional Therapy. She is one of the co-creators of the online course Real Food + Real Families which has helped parents all over the U.S. change their eating habits and establish peaceful mealtimes.

She lives in Dallas with her music-loving husband and animal-loving littles, where they fill their days with delicious meals, messy emotions and play, and lots of love. She strives to break the generational trauma cycle and establish a foundation of health for future generations.