Local Farm Guide for City Dwellers

Local Farm Guide for City Dwellers

Chicago edition


As a city dweller, I have made an effort to source my food as directly from the farm as I possibly can. Normally, this means frequent trips to farmer’s markets, CSA’s, and direct purchases from our community of farmers.

Our lives have changed meaningfully – and the otherwise refreshing, creative, playful food purchasing experience is more stressful and more complicated. Many Americans have turned to food delivery options as a safe, convenient, and popular option to source the essentials. What does this mean for us?

Fortunately, many local farms can accommodate home delivery too! Now it is more important than ever to support local businesses, choose nutrient dense foods, and in the process play a small part in the bigger picture to regenerate the land and heal the environment. It is a beautiful circle of life in which the farmers support us by providing us with food and we support them by purchasing from them.

Below you will find a collection of some of my personal favorite farms and others that are working hard now to deliver to urban consumers. Some of these farms have never delivered directly to consumers as their main customers are restaurants. Take a peek at the list, email the farmers, and enjoy fresh, local, nutrient dense food delivered to your door.

*A quick note: I would like to acknowledge my generous and dedicated Weston A. Price co-chapter leader, Janine Farzin of Offally Good Cooking . She is a treasure chest of information and has opened so many doors to me and local Chicagoans in search of nutrient dense foods. Many of the resources listed below are farms she has loyally supported for over a decade. If you are interested in connecting with other nutrient dense foodies and additional resources, reach out to either of us. We are honored and eager to share more about ancestral, wise traditions, farming, and nutrient dense food.



Nature’s Lunchbox //order Wednesday-Thursday, delivery on Tuesday // A collection of family farms in the driftless region of Wisconsin offering fresh dairy, produce, eggs, meat, and ferments. Home delivery option for $25 delivery fee or choose a pick up location closest to you. Email Max at  [email protected] for more information

Green City Market: //delivers on Wednesday // GCM continues virtually by delivering all your favorite farmer’s market products directly to you. Download the app and shop local meats, produce, and pre-prepared foods delivered to your door (select zip codes only)

Closed Loop Farms //order Monday, delivers on Tuesday// an urban farm in Chicago offering micro greens, mushrooms, kombucha, sauces, tea, cheese, meat, and chocolate.



Timberfeast //order by Sunday, delivers on Tuesday // pastured, organic-fed, soy-free chicken, pork, beef, duck, and nutritionally-dense organ meats. Additionally they offer broth, fresh sourdough bread, cured meats, and salmon.  Options for ¼, ½, full cow purchase. Home delivery for orders of $100+ or pick up at Urban Prairie Waldorf School on Tuesdays at 12:00pm (1310 S. Ashland Avenue, outside of the south entrance of the school on Hastings Street, facing Costco).

Mint Creek Farm //delivers on Wednesday// pastured beef, lamb, goat, soy-free chicken, pork, and turkey. Additionally offers soy-free eggs, organ meats, and honey.

Alden Hills //order by Sunday, delivers on Monday// pastured beef, pastured chicken & eggs; also provides local cheese, sausage and some baked goods through local partnerships. Also offers smoked pet bones for furry friends. No delivery fee, minimum order of $20

Finn’s Ranch //order by Monday, delivers on Wednesday// pastured beef, pork, goat, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey and free range chicken eggs. Additionally they offer individual pot pies and cheese from other local farms. Home delivery for orders of $100 or $15 delivery fee for smaller orders

Avrom Farm //delivers on Wednesday// pastured beef, pork, and chicken. Also provides a wide variety of other products from other regenerative farms in their area.

Sitka Salmon //1x a month, delivery April-December// CSF (community supported fishery) where members purchase “shares” of the fishermen’s harvest. Fresh, wild caught salmon fished from Alaska, shrimp, and Dungeness crab.



Three Sisters Garden //order by Sunday, delivers on Tuesday// offers the sister crops: field corn, oats, and legumes, as well as fresh pecans, spring greens: green garlic, pea shoots, micro greens, and petite greens. Shipping or home delivery for orders of $50 or pick up at Urban Prairie Waldorf School on Tuesdays at 12:00pm (1310 S. Ashland Avenue, outside of the south entrance of the school on Hastings Street, facing Costco). Email Tracey at [email protected]

Nichols Farm & Orchard //delivers on Tuesday// offers in-season produce including root veggies (potatoes, beets, turnips, onions), squash, and new spinach & micro greens. Additional offerings from another Green City Market favorite: Bushel & Peck sauces, soups, and ferments. Optional CSA sign-up to receive produce boxes throughout the spring/summer season

Mick Kluug //home delivery by zip code// currently offering apple cider and frozen fruit from previous season. Optional CSA sign-up to receive produce boxes throughout the spring/summer season

Spence Farm //order by Monday, delivers on Wednesday// Marty Travis of Spence Farms previously would deliver directly to restaurants in the Chicago land area—farm-to-table restaurants that many of you are probably familiar with. Now he has opened up delivery options for Chicago consumers. Email [email protected] directly to be added to the weekly list of offerings and for ordering. Pick up locations for Wednesday deliveries are: Publican Quality Bread, River Valley Restaurant, Middlebrow Brewery



Amish & Healthy Foods //1025 N. Western Ave// grocery store offering a variety of health food pantry staples, fresh produce from local farms, local pastured meats, cheeses, eggs, and fresh farm milk and raw milk (for pet food).

Local Foods //delivery or pick up by Mercato// grocery store offering a variety of fresh, local produce, pantry staples, beverages, fresh bakery items, etc. Butcher & Larder inside with a large selection of different meats and cuts including organ meats, broth, cured meats. Meat is sourced from La Pryor Farms and Gunthorp Farms

River Valley //820 W. Wilson// delicious mushrooms, seasonal produce, pre-prepared foods, and other grocery store items